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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Flirt? Nah... oh maybe

Every now and then, def not often enough, a particular person has to stop by where I work and do things. He is lovely. For today's snippet, lets call him "D" for delicious. I don't know whats wrong with me when he walks into the office, but i almost imagine drooling over him. I am sure he knows I think hes devine... and for sake of sakes, lets think that he thinks I am devine as well.

Actually, we do this whole flirt thing which takes me back to the times when i was a teenager. I knew he was coming to see us today, so i made sure that looked real damn fine. I was excited to see him... whats wrong with me? This is so unusual... I usually can keep my cool.. but not with him. Gawd, I could never take it anywhere.. further i mean... i dont think i would know what to do. Hes just devine.. did i mention that already?

We make sure to be visible to each other. We pass each other in the hall maybe a bit too closely. We have some sort of sexual tension which could get sorted. If only I didnt feel like it was my first time again. I love how my heart beats when hes NEAR.. not necc near me, but NEAR.. i walked past where he was today and I could smell his cologne lingering .... it was heaven. All i could think was, "That would smell FANTASTIC on my pillow" and a smile peeked its way.

I even blushed today speaking to him. I of course will not tell you what we were discussing. It is not meant for ANY of you to know, just know that I had a really good idea in my head, and so did he.. and of course.. there was the flirting.

I dont think I have blushed in front of man since i was like 14 or 15.
Today is good. I have seen and smelled "D". Thank you for the service call :)

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Anonymous said...

Flirt, even a simper would work for me..... boa noite