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National Geographic Photo of the Day

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A few addition to the this blog worth noting

Let's see, first off you should notice that each day above the latest entry, there is a photo of the day courtesy of National Geographic. They do some amazing photography shots and well worth a look. As well, sometimes we need to escape our own visuals and see another, so go for it and click on it, enlarge it, do what you like, but please enjoy each day with some great visuals.

Also from National Geographic, at the VERY BOTTOM of the page (yes, you will have to scroll down) there is a weekly GREEN GUIDE tip. Its weekly, so dont worry about your little finger getting tired from all that scrolling each day. Well worth a look as it has some great tips on how to go a bit more greener with the GREEN GUIDE. Trust me, its not as hard as some might think.

Enjoy the new additions, hope you like them. Have a fantastic day, I know I will, I am off to my acupuncture appointment. Love it!

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