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Monday, April 21, 2008

I am an addict

The first step to this whole addiction thing is admitting you have a problem, right? Well, can I say I am an addict. The TV show Underbelly is my drug. The show grips me. It makes me anxious for it to be on each week. Its only 13 episodes, and already I am in panic mode as I know I must be at least half way thru the episodes. Withdrawl? Oh please no! And... I am not the only addict. You see, the beautiful thing about addictions is when you can drag the friends along for the ride. We chat about the happenings, We secretly fantasize about the characters, We even google for more information. In fact, WE even ended up watching the dreaded Today Tonight and Current Affair gossip shows because the Underbelly was going to be mentioned. We have an illness. We realize this. We dont care.

Does the fact that a judge has ordered that the state of Victoria cant watch it due to an ongoing trial excite us more? Maybe. We can watch it, and for once, Melbournians across the great QLD state are uniting that they live here. Afterall, they can watch Underbelly. It has created an outrage. Everywhere.

I went to the local land of ferrals to hunt down the CD soundtrack (itunes doesnt have it yet) and I was prepared to do a bank run after work so that I would be at the store 10 minutes earlier than I could have been just so i could have the hot little thing of music in my possession. I even called another addict to let them know of my recent purchase. Shit, other addicts knew what my plan was earlier in the day. Underbelly. It sucks you in.

Of course, it has to be said that the actor who plays "Benji" could make ice cubes melt in a blizzard. I would drop it all. Of course he would have to keep the bald head and tattoos... oh my.. i think he could easily rock my world. An hour of lust to get me thru the week. Ah....."Benji".

Today is only monday, and already WE have already "booked" as unavailable on wednesday. 8:30. Not accessible, thanks for trying. I for one, will be busy drooling over Benji (can you imagine what it will be like when he gets shot in the upcoming episodes?). The others, they will be busy ignoring their households, settle in for the hour, and escape into the TV series that has captured the nation. Well, except for Victoria. I wonder if the tourist rate has increased on Wed for all those in Victoria to hop on a plane and rent a hotel room for the night to watch it. Sounds silly, but I can assure you, I would def do that. All for a peep at Benji and the gangland wars that gripped Melb and killed 33 (known) people.

And now I have the soundtrack. Life is good. except that its only Monday and i have just under 48 hours until i can get my next fix. I am desperate for my next hour. I am becoming fixated on a TV show. I find that i am judging any person who doesnt watch or enjoy the show. They are lesser, and therefore unimportant. If you stumble upon some helpless soul who hasnt seen the show or cant stay up that late to watch... they want in.. you know they do... they ask the questions.. but you just cant explain all the details... it is not important for them to watch... they dont have the dedication to deserve to be in the know. They can not become a WE. At least I am not alone. Not this time.


girl said...
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Michele said...

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If you sign up for google acct then its just easier, but totally understand if you dont want too...

just be patient! This sucks!