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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Friday F**KWIT?

Last night I graciously made Strawberry Kamikaze's for neighbor S and myself. She LOVED them, and i think i have another Kami drinking buddy.. except for when she called me a F**KWIT...
(Neighbor S... before she trashed my self-esteem)
i still love her to bits, and cherish her friendship.. how could you not? After all we have been thru and all the chats we have had, would not trade her in for nothing! I love her honesty.. and let me tell you after 3 shakers of Kamis... the honesty came barrelling out! Apparently i have an issue.... i dont let me guard down in a relationship. Me? Your kidding, right? Next topic, we wont venture there....

Nah, shes right, and you all know it too.... but i dont think anyone has ever chosen those words for me before... i dont think I'm drinking with her again... HA!

Mind you, I was good to go after 2 shakers between us, but oh no, Neighbor S decided 3 would be a good number to tackle... so off we went to make another shaker.

(Us after we have already prob had our share of kamis...notice the candle for the mozzies and the shaker glistening in the background)
Shattered. Numb. Dumb. Good times.

We laughed, reminisced about our "younger days" , yes we do actually recount those days, or what we can remember of them anyway. Too many smokes, Too many kamis, Too many laughs. My lips were numb from the drinks and my mouth hurt from laughing! Love the friday nights in the Neighborhood.

All my love-


Anonymous said...

you? issue? just one? or can't S count?

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

What is a f**kwit? What does that mean?

InALittleMinute said...

Check out this site... its pretty good for definitions. I think in my case shes referring to the way i handled a particular situation.. not calling me a f**kwit in general. (I hope anyway...HA!)

Anonymous said...

I love the Pict of your friend is she single as from what you have told us your the f#$%wit and has issues, well you made me laugh anyway thanks