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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Morning Drive To Work

Nothing can make you feel so enlightened as driving in the car in the morning, its just rained earlier in the morning so the air smells nice and fresh. You continue down the road thru the valley (no, not to grandmas house hehe) and as the road opens up to wide open acreage ahead, a full rainbow glares at you. The rainbow stretches as far as it can, bright and vivid just for you this morning. You can see where it "touches" the land on the far left to the far right. As if almost automatically, a smile beams on your face and you almost feel sense of delight in this wonderment of a moment. Such a magical moment to experience, esp when your just doing the routine of the day. Thank you Universe for such a magical moment.

(Not my photo, thanks to anon whose photo it is...sorry no camera with this morning on the way to work.)

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