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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Last night I was blessed to attend another fantastic meal at Phippsy's Restaurant. (Pics coming soon...) For those of you who have ever in life been so lucky as to eat at THE best seafood restaurant, with THE best seafood chef and THE best waiter.. well, rest assured, we enjoyed for you as well. It is truly a pleasure to eat at Phippsys.

Of course, the gold-banned snapper was devoured by one we will call Bond.. James Bond (not his real name)
The menu has changed slightly due to the colder weather, which meant that my usual main of delight was unavailable as were the coconut & macadamia prawns.. eh gawd, what was i to do!~

I had the beef tenderloin with seasonal veggies which were so crisp and tasty i could have eaten a massive bowl full. Alas, the old fav "potato gallette" was served with dinner too!
The Rib Fillet was adored by Tilda...
all meals were fantastic and exceeded all expectations as always!

Good news (listen up Laurie) Mark is still serving us (hes honestly the best, and yes I mean the BEST waiter you could wish for) plus, he is devine to look at. He has a smile, laugh and eyes that make your heart just hes really a gentleman - even when Laurie embarasses the hell out of me at a bday dinner! Mark is in the process of finding a different job and location... (sigh). Good news tho, although he was expected to go to Melb for work around Easter, I walked in and gleefully (yes, with glee) spotted our faithful Mark. He is now looking at Brisbane for his new location, which is good news for all of us as Brisbane is much closer than Melb.

Saddness does ring in for Phippsy's tho... i hear from a reputable source that hes got the place for sale. No matter, i am positive he would not sell to just anyone and would make sure that they can look out for all of dedicated customers just as Phippsy has! Yet, no one can take his place. Afterall, he is the only chef who can make each bit of seafood seem heavenly and enjoyable! Good luck to you Phippsy in your next adventure. Until that time comes tho I will be sure to enjoy each and every meal at the restaurant.


Anonymous said...

have to agree with you on that - Phippsy's shines like a beacon on a landscape generally bereft of good dining experiences. If only the rest of the Sunshine Coast could take note and follow suit. It is SO rare up here to find a restaurant that gets it all right all of the time - the service, the quality of the food, and a decent wine list.
happily, I'm going there with friends on sunday night.

Anonymous said...

My god you photograph food at restaurants>>>>>>you photograh everythig???I am so glad I don't have sex with you ( go for the camera...go for the wide angle lens)

I agree, Phippsy's reins!!!!!!!!!