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Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Fantastic Friday Full of Suprises

My dear friend Suzy Q was suprised as ever when she walked into the local pub thinking she was going for dinner and dancing to see a great number of people that she knew singing and chanting birthday greetings to her. What a task to pull off a suprise party! But all those involved did an amazing job, and Suzy Q was speechless (if you know Miss Suzy Q, speechless is not a descriptive word for her normally)

Suzy Q is such a unique person. She has grown heaps in the 7 years i have known her. We both have tho. Her friends are such a mixture of young and old, healthy to fraile, but they all adore her, and she adores them. Her face lights up when she sees her friends usually followed by some sort of a loud noise and then the infamous laughter. In fact, you can be in town and HEAR her laughing from blocks away... the laughter leads you right to her! Its priceless the feeling you get when you hear her laugh, it just fills you. In fact, her laughter is SOOOOO fantastic, shes become a laughter teacher and doing wonderful at it. She is def using that God given talent!

The best thing about Suzy Q is that she always makes you feel so special and welcome into her environment. She is so uplifiting and has such a good soul. I feel so cherished to be a part of her environment. I am forever in awe of her and what she sets to do in life.

In truth, she has learned to love life and live life. She is uniquely amazing.

Someone had the great idea of giving everyone a big book and markers to write the birthday girl a message or create in the is me entering in my note to Miss Suzy Q
What a treasured item for her to sit back and read all of our well wishes! Great idea!

Of course when you turn another year older and have a party, gifts are a nice addition to the "year older" bit. We decided to get the "Perfect Man".. i know ladies you say there isnt such a thing, but trust me, there is.

He doesnt nag, require food, leave the seat up, take up space on the couch, complain about the money you spent on clothes. He wont even mutter those annoying words: "Get me a beer love" followed by insane body noises. In fact, he is so compact and hassle free that he can fit in any drawer when needed....introducing ....Marvelous Maverick

And no, for the curious, he doesnt have any bits (sex complicates thing so i hear so we thought to play it safe and just get the good ol fashioned (and cheaper) version. ALL the ladies loved him and we got a big scream and lots of attention walking in the door with Marvelous Maverick. In fact, some of the men got a bit jealous as the ladies were having so much fun with Marvelous Maverick..
Much Too Funny!
Lesson learned here: When woman pay attention to a blow doll with giggling and throwing the doll, followed with hugs and grabbing the bits, MEN will actually become jealous and begin to flock around the woman to drag their attention back to the MEN.

There was dancing, music happening, people just coming up to the stage and jamming and dedicating the moment to such a great person. Even the star of the evening got up and made a speech, and danced away to some magnificent blues / folks music

This man did an amazing painting for her as his gift to her. We were all in awe of the creative talent he had, really neat to watch this masterpiece unfold in front of our eyes. As more musicians got up to do a jam session, he would add them into his painting. He first had Miss Suzy Q pick a color and do some squiggles onto the canvas, and then a few more people do some squiggles.
The beginning...

From that point, he then adds to the painting from what the others have done... So, lets say you went and painted a line of green onto the canvas, well he would take that green line and create something from the nights events onto the canvas. I didnt add anything as i loved just watching it unfold. All I know is that he's one her friends, and his name is BOB.

Finished painting by Bob
Such a fantastic night filled with laughter, smiles, a few drinks, amazing music and talent, and friends galore. God i cant wait until the next milestone bday party for Miss Suzy Q. Until then, may she keep on laughing and filling us all with her spirit. Cheers to you Miss Suzy Q!

1 comment:

Suzy Q said...

Oh my gosh,....what an absolutely AWESOME 60th I had.....and as Michele says.....words fail me....and that's really saying something...ha. ha. ha.
Yes, indeedeee I am so so blessed at having so so many wonderful loving friends who made it so so fabulous....what a surprise to see everyone at the pub....there to surprise me...and celebrate living life to the max...
As for 'the Perfect Man' that Michele and her darling Mum and Dad gave me....well no wonder he's the perfect man.....he does all those things that Michele said...and he already has a list of women wanting to borrow him....Yes can you believe it...So yesterday he had his first outing with me....sitting nice and still in the passenger seat...ha. ha. ha. with my friends little dog sitting on his lap....(I must get a picture for you all to see )....
and the looks and laughs I get are to be seen to be about thank you darling Michele for writing this blog...all my overseas friends love it too.....
Cheers to you too darling Michele and of course awesome MUM and Dad..