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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Can I convert?

Don't ask how or why. Just know that i checked out a website and think you should as well. just do it!

(Disclaimer as follows:)
I have nothing against mormans, so before you go beating my head in for any of that shit.. dont. I am not Morman. I have encountered people who are of Morman faith. Anyone I have ever met which is of Morman faith has always been a person who I have had time for, and would give my respect to as they have been respectful to me. Granted, I don't necessarily agree with all that they believe. Hell, I don't agree with everything the Catholic church "encourages" one to belief and all my family is pretty much devout Catholic. AND, I dont agree with everything the Baptist believe, or the Muslim, or the Jewish, or the Hindu....... get my point yet?

BUT i am ready to convert to the Morman faith after one look at that calendar. And oh GOD, these are missionaries? Why is there not 1 of them good looking bodies in my country? I am sure that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE along the line has prayed and prayed for my little ass to be saved! COME ON.... be kind. Send the dark haired one with the chisled abs and those gorgeous eyes my way. One never knows unless they try, right? I am worth you trying to save. Guaranteed. No Risk / No Hassle. If you find me unworthy, I will retreat, but you should at least try. Right?

Anyway, enough fun.. it amazes me how these missions are for 2 year stints, in which they pretty much sacrifice their own needs for someones elses. Pretty big ask really. Commendable? well, that part is worth a debate. They build, teach, feed, and spread the English language all over the world. Oh, and they also teach Mormonism. No, not Moronisms you jack ass... Mormonism. Really, if you take an individuals pre-conceived notions and judgements about religion and the related topics, its quite fantastic that people do shit like this. Damn, most people I know wont get off their ass to change the TV channel. They wont buy a strangers groceries because they feel like helping out someone (they will however give to the "donation box", which secretly records all donations and tallies it up at the EOFY and publish your much giving donation amount) and here these little missionaries are really going out and helping others.

Reality: at the end of it they would have to become in better touch with their own awareness as well, if they chose too. Say what you like about missionaries.. (my father & WES have their own opinons) but if one makes a generalization ... well, a generalization cant be 100 % correct can it? There are some good decent honest missionaries out there. Just none that ran across the countries the wild pipeliners did. Blame them, nah, the power wattage for the whore house and camp kitchen prob scared those little good missionaries running up the nearest hill!

Anyway, the website informs me that while on a mission, they are not allowed to read a paper, listen to popular music (wonder who defines the term 'popular' here), no TV, no movies, and no internet or blogging... they can call home on Christmas & Mothers Day (thats really sweet actually that its mothers day as being one of the chosen few..).

Check out the website... I'm thinking of buying some things from the online store (pretty amazing how such a 'culture' has deemed itself into modern society when they believe that the perils of such technology are distracting and so forth, yet even they can see its a money maker. I particuarly am drawn to the "missionary style" t-shirt of 2 people praying. BUT, I also like the one that has about 8 women and 1 man.. its the "lots of love to give" tshirt. So, I am thinking about buying some shirts... its just damn funny really. And, it goes to help support a cause. But I'm all for the funniness really.

Oh, AND a Morman is forbidden, yes thats right FORBIDDEN to drink alcohol, coffee or tea, smoke cigs or have premarital sex (compliments of which pretty much means that NONE of my dearest friends or family is a morman. And if i did convert for the gorgeous guy on the website... nah, stuff it.. Im going for a smoke and a capt morgan diet thanks!

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Anonymous said...

love the shirts! why are there no missionaries in australia??lots of people needing to be saved!!!