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Thursday, August 07, 2008

The boys you see at work

Today Energex decided to hook up some power to the site across from us... we are not sure whats going in there yet, but we are all very curiuos. My window at work looks directly out to the job site... lots of men all day long to sit and look at. Ah, back to that... so, Energex was taking a bit of time to drag a wire across the street and hook it up to the pole.
I was debating whether or not to move my car (which is located just behind the pole, but within legal distance) as I certainly didn't want "faithful" Energex to drop the wire and kill my car. I had all these thoughts: scratches on my hood, shock my car and fry it, and so forth. So, I sat and watched in anticipation... and thankfully, my car seems to be in 1 piece. I really just wanted to get some photos of Energex working cuz what I really see is pretty slack and slow in the production department.

Here are just some of the boys that are working across the street from me! Its really too bad its not summer: the heat can be so unbearable that they would all be working in "no shirt" mode.. .damn winter, it gets ya everytime. Mind you, these are not the most attractive of the bunch, as they were on a limited crew at photo shoot time.

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