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Monday, August 18, 2008

What sort of Alien is growing there?

I tend to not write about celebs on here, there are plenty of bloggers which can tend to that craving. But today, I had to. I stumbled upon this actress' caved in chest. Poor thing... she did try to have a reality TV show as of recent, and then, according to rumors took her self off of a TV show which has seen its day way back when I was a hippie freak in the 90's. The reason? Apparently she was getting paid heaps less, and yes I mean Heaps Less than the other used up, opps, sorry, I mean actors. Fair Enough. Personally, I dont think her role on the original series warranted more than $10k an episode, in fact I dont think anyone has that sort of talent to warrant that sort of financing. Ah... but what do I know?

Anyway, all that aside, I think Tori Spelling can portray herself as a nice and decent person. Shes a mother, wife, and really has seen some shit thru her life. Her dad was a genius. So, she must have some smarts from him. Poor thing tho.. what is up with your chest? Is this really just a bad angle from the camera? If not, hunnie you should be wearing ANYTHING which doesnt show that gawd-awfell dent. Do you really think people wouldn't notice? Your a celebrity who puts her life and possessions (remember the public garage sale) for EVERYONE to see. I find it hard to imagine that you looked in the mirror this morning, and thought, "Yeah, I am looking devine in my skinny strap dress with my cave boob today!"

On a different note... lets hope the implants are not creating some sort of medical disaster... certainly wouldnt wish that upon her. But please my dear, wear one of those tacky 1/4 length shrunking sweater things over that dress!

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Tilda said...

There's a plus side to everything in life. Since we all know i'm flat as a board and laying on my back make a great coffee table, she could be great to share chips and dip with on a picnic! Cool, your very own dipping bowl!