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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am on a Mission

Its not because I have nothing better to do. Its not because I think she cant handle it. Its not because of anything other than me being me and helping a friend.

My neighbour needs a flatmate. Hers has moved out and now she is in desperate need to find one. Not much luck happening in that department right now.

Today, amongst a break from my oh-so-busy tasks at work, I stumbled upon a website which lets you search for flatmates, or list your place. I listed her place, without her knowledge. I have found a person, who from photo and paper looks quite good. Shes stopping by after work, so I am going to have to convince her that she needs to check it out.

So, if anyone in blogger haven needs a place to live.. let me know.. rent is cheap, place is nice, and oh.. the neighbours you ask? Oh goodness! Let me tell ya, the NEIGHBOURS are absol. FANTASTIC!

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