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Friday, August 22, 2008

Local News

The police stumbled upon a python (wont kill you with venom, but it will kill me by giving me a heart attack) and when they tried to 'shoosh' it across the road into bushland, it made a dash for it. Have a look where it ended up:


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Eeeeeeeek. I would not want to find that under my hood. I did find a big huge snake in the middle of the road once. I stopped my car and went to the house that it looked like it was escaping from. Sure enough the owner was cleaning it's cage and didn't realize how far away the snake had slithered off. I'm glad I stopped, some else would probably have driven right over it.

your little cutie. said...

ohh ick.
i don't even have to see it in person to give me a heart attack.
soo happy the only ones we saw were in the zoo.

you're going to miss octoberfest up at grandma's this weekend. ha.

gosh i miss ya.

Tilda said...

i'd guess you're looking under your hood in the mornings before you start your car?