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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things to do b4 your 30 list

I came across a list of "things to do before you turn 30" from a newspaper. It also said the real age difference between 29 and 30 is 10 years. So, just for fun, or boredom (you decide) I thought I would post it and see what I have or haven't done. Oh, and I am not 30 anymore. I put my answers in red and italics. Anybody else game to drop a comment on what the favorite one is or what they wish they had done b4 turning 30?

1. Buy a one way ticket overseas
Can you even do this anymore? Ah... no, havent done it.. I have responsibilities and am such a practical person that the idea of it scares me to pieces.

2. Borrow your nephews and nieces or friends' kids for a weekend and take them to the zoo
A weekend? No, but a whole day... not a hassle. Done!

3. Blow a week's wages on dinner for two at a restaurant where the prices aren't even listed on the menu
I don't even know of anywhere that fancy.. but I have blown heaps of money at fantastic restaurants before.

4. Have a one night stand with an attractive stranger you met at a party
Ah... I think my family reads this sometimes... but yes... done, and done well.

5. March for a cause you believe in
Most definitely

6. Move out of home and live in a share house
Your suppossed to move out of home to live in a share house? Nah.. not in my family.. we did it the opposite way.. I moved out of home to live by myself and away from years of roommates!

7. Run a marathon - or if that's too daunting, do a fun run
I have boobs. Marathon... no thank you, there isnt enough duct tape to support them properly. I have done a walk for charity tho.. can that count?

8. Invent your own cocktail
Yep, but i don't know if I could repeat the ingredients list.

9. Learn a language
Oh goodness yes... minor in Indonesian, Shirley Johnson taught us Mandarin, and then I had to learn the funky lingo of Australian.

10. Get a Brazilian wax
It was after a long session in the pool and laying around the pool... needless to say, it really REALLY hurt!

11. Have sex in the open air
Really? This is on the list? I just assumed everyone has.. didnt think it was such a major thing to do before you turn 30.

12. Read the collected works of an author you love

13. Get a letter to the editor published in your local newspaper
Oh yes, I am always ranting on about something.

14. See the Aurora Borealis.

15. Try base jumping or another extreme sport

16. Bluff your way into a glamorous job you're totally unqualified for
Glamorous? I dont know about that, but I have def bluffed my way into job(s) before!

17. Join a political party and hand out how to vote cards on election day
Haven't handed out voting cards, but have shown great support for those whose IDEALS I agree with.

18. Get involved in a team sport

19. Do a road trip with a bunch of mates in a dodgy car
Mates. Mother. You name it, we went there, and we were def suprised to arrive withe vehicle as well. Ha, good times!

20. Survive a flight on a third world airline
Thankfully. I am sure my parents still remember that frantic phone call from the phone booth. I am not sure if the flight scared me more, the layover in KL, or the intercom saying "Please board your plane, we have fixed the engine" when I would have rather heard "We are going to overnight until a NEW plane arrives to take you across the other side of the world."

21. Find the love of your life
Once or twice. Learned heaps thru the process. Funny how love, or what you believe to be love, changes with your knowledge, manners, age, etc.

22. Lose the love of your life
Oh goodness... yes.. learned heaps thru that process as well. I am now much smarter.

23. Skinny dip in the ocean at midnight under a full moon with a group of friends
Up at the cabin when I was just a youngin!

24. See the sun rise after an all night rave
I have seen it set, rise, set, and rise again!

25. Go to a gay bar - if you're straight
Ah... thats an interesting one. Yes.

26. Go hiking in Bhutan
No. NO???? I get to #26 before I finally havent done something? Wow. Thats impressive to me.

27. Do a ten day yoga retreat
Shit, I am hard pressed finding 3 days to do anything solely for myself. As great as a 10 day yoga retreat sounds, not a chance I could take that long of time for just one thing. Theres always much to much happening!

28. Make a fool out of yourself at a karaoke bar
I think it was a Sam's Club going away party, St. Cloud MN.

29. Plant a tree for the environment
Done. I was in elementary school when I did this one!

30. Get fake ID saying you're 21
No. Always helped to know security, the bar owner, or the band. Thats an important note to remember... these people can and will be VERY useful, at any age.

1 comment:

Bradley John Dunn said...

Wow! im going to Bhutan next year :)
i didn't even think people knew where that place was.

thats crazy.