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Monday, August 04, 2008

Highlights of a Musical Fright

Yesterday saw an adventure to the local beach which was the location of "music in the park". I would give it a go another time, but damn was it funny.. def worth the free admission to laugh my ass off as much as I did.

I wore shorts, a tank top, my comfy thongs (translation: sandals, not undies for my state-side friends) and was HIGHLY out of place. See, I had no feathers in my hair, no facial hair to my belly button, my clothes are from the last 2 decades, I showered, I shave my armpits AND legs (everyday i might add)... the list goes on!

Now, before I get any cold comments, it was cool people hanging out and having a good time. I love to see individuality in a person, and I love that people feel comfy in their own skin. But sometimes you just gotta laugh.Especially when I mentioned to Tilda that our adventure of music in the park was NOTHING like Mad Mary's day of music in the park which included sophisticated looking people who had a mirror while getting dressed... check it out here:

I couldn't snap the camera quick enough for all the action at my event! See SOME of the highlights below...

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