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Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday Arvo @ the EKKA

Yesterday was an adventure full of laughs and good times. We headed down to the EKKA, which is similar to what the Americans would relate to as a State Fair, but i think just a tad smaller. I had never been before, in all my 7 years, had never had an interest to go. That is, until Firestick J began her "The EKKA is coming soon" (which was about 3 months ago). Watching her excitement was something I just had to see... so she kindly dragged me along this year. I couldn't wait to see Firestick J in her element.

There were the rides, the greasy food, the odd-looking people, the carny's, the kids, the strollers, the lost kids, and the parents who were oblivious to their child wandering into the main arena. There was activities to watch to everywhere. Being a person who loves to observe, it was def great to be in my element with so much of everything to see.

Alicia & I were first-timers to the Ekka... this is just into the gates!

We had a few drinks at the Stockmen's Bar.. which served Firestick J's Bundy on tap (yuck yuck and more yuck!) but she was thrilled. I was thrilled as they had Smirnoff Double Black's available! So, a few drinks after lunch and we were on our way to see all the Ekka had to offer.

There were exhibits such as this:

I dont have a clue.... but I was just impressed that SPAM, from Good Ol' Minnesota made it to the display on the other side of the world! Of course, you had proper displays and people selling stuff as usual. No 4-H clubs, but High Schools did put together a few fruit or beef displays. Odd and interesting. Some good displays as well.

There was more to do: Fireworks, walking, drinking, eating, meeting Miss A to see her in her get-up gear (didnt recognize her at first). Good times really. By the end of watching the V8 Supercars and Monster Truck show, we decided to head back to the Stockmens Bar for some dancing and live entertainment by the Band of the evening. We sang our hearts out and danced the night away with the cowboys, the Firemen (of which 1 was a local celebrity from a reality TV show) and the Police Force. Ah... made for a very good night filled with laughter and dancing.

I am still however, waiting for my voice to fully return. If you find it, please tell it to come home...

Oh, and we thought we saw a celebrity... Orlando Bloom is dating a blonde Aussie chick... so after a few drinks, we thought this had some similarities... what do you think?

Special thanks to Firestick J. She even said I could come back with her next year, as she reckons that was the best year she has been to since she has been going! Bring it on next year!

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Tilda said...

looks like a great time was had by all! AND YES that looks like ORLANDO to me! Good catch!