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Monday, August 04, 2008

The kids that made me smile

This little girl was the most adorable thing of the day. She so wanted to get up in the tree and play with the other kids...but she couldn't reach, due to a disability. She walked right up there though and said "hello" to the other kids and watched them play in the tree. Her eyes were filled with wonderment and full of love. My eyes, while watching her, filled with tears. This little girl was so thrilled about life, and didnt see or at least, for the day, didn't let lifes challenges get in her way of a good time for the day. She had the most amazing smile, it just lit your heart up. This little one couldn't quite get the hang of using his feet on the board.. but he did do a good effort this way... gotta give him credit for finding a way to make it work.. he even showed us a few reverse techniques!

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