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Monday, August 04, 2008

The Sales Girl: Visual Fright Continues!

At first I was just snapping photos of this woman as her outfit was rather confusing to me..the petticoat, the floral print, the dots, it all just baffled my eyes.. actually, it made them ache and I am sure that my eyes were ready to bleed after the sight of it all... (click to zoom in) I did think it was a nice touch to add the hat for an accessory...(always be a bit positive, right?)
Ah.. my eyes.. my eyes... sorry, it was just TOO tempting to not get the shot!

In the end, I discovered this woman was the sales lady for the band, which were considered to be the "highlight" or draw card to the event. She was selling CD's, T-shirts, and 'autographed' posters. The man to her left (with the scab hair and red hat) was her partner, oh and the lead singer of the band...
Sing it with me now.."Im just a singer in a rock n' roll band"...couldn't resist. sorry!

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