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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Your kidding right?

I am really good about making sure my batteries in my cameras are charged. Except for last night...i went to take a few good shots, and the damn camera wouldnt budge...not a movement... i just about died. I did get some cheesy shots on the court with my horrible camera phone.. but as for the celebs.. well, we just wont venture that path. I cant bear to deliver the news...

Tennis was good fun tho.. for the two of us not being on a court in almost a decade, we didnt do too bad!

Downside? My little Monroe is at the vets at the moment, I am hoping she picks up a bit and I get to take her home tonight after work... poor thing is really sick... I mean really really sick...

I got about 2 hours of sleep last night because I was so worried about her that I couldnt sleep... just kept checking on her. Hopefully, shes doing much better now that shes got some anti-vomitting meds into her, as well as some antibiotics... if this doesnt work, they will have to do a drip and keep her there... and I dont do well with her not with me at home. Lets hope for a quick recovery so I can take her home after work!

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