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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hidin out in the hills

Ah.. theres something magical about having a kick a** sound system when your hiding out in the hills. You can crank that music so loud and dance about looking all stupid and having a great time. The cats did a moment of freak out (which is not all that unusual in their behaviour, esp according to Pauly), and i danced and played the IPOD LOUD!
You just cant do that and be liked by your neighbors where i live. While Im hiding out in the hills, well, do I really care if the neighbors care? Yeah, not so much. See, on one end, you have the family abode.. kids which are inclined to scream at random lengths of time; my excuse to them is that I am trying to "keep up with the neighbors" in the loudness department. And on the other side, actually its the down side or down the hill, well, I figure I am just giving the pacemakers warranty a run for its money... or something for all the nosy neighbors to gossip about.
Besides, where I am hiding out.. the stereo doesnt get a chance to get cranked up anymore. See, I am doing my bit for society... the neighbors will give me a parade when I am driving out of the hills!
Its not raining all day anymore like it was yesterday. Thank goodness. Its seems whenever I am hiding in the hills its friggin rains.. for days. A previous occasion in the hills... I was stranding on the hill for days. Literally... for days!
I am missing home. My family gets together at the cabin for one weekend during the summer. This summer they picked this weekend. Not only am I not participating in the 4th of July events and showing American pride with fellow Americans, I am also not able to sit back and have a few drinks with the rellies, sit on the dock, watch my little cousins interact, laugh with the family, tells stories... watch the sunsets, have a bonfire til my eyes just cant focus anymore.. and no smores...
Its always good times at the cabin. Its great to be with the family, and I might have taken moments like that a little bit for granted when I was living there. Guess I never actually thought I wouldn't be able to attend one day in the future summers.... always thought it would be there, or at least I would be there. My family has grown, and I can only live thru the memories of the weekend from the stories they will tell me and the photos they email me.
Whether or not my aunt & uncle actually know how much we all appreciate having the cabin for that one weekend family fest... please know that I forever remember and cherish it. Thank you for all the memories. Who knows, maybe next year as your all unpacking the cars for the next fest.. there I might be, at the end of the dock, smore in hand, waiting for everyone to arrive!
Hope everyone had a great 4th... thanks to the troops and veterns who have given us the freedom to celebrate.. and for the John Hancock(s) way back when who came up with the foresight for such a great celebration.
To some, the 4th of July is just a holiday. To some, its a true rememberance of what it is to be American. And to some, we add in our own little bit of "independence" and celebrate all along the way.

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