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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So long jaunte

One of my neighbors has a dog. This morning I woke up and heard jaunte, the dog, barking differently than normal. Monroe was on high alert as well as she knew something was not right. Monroe loves to sit in the window that faces jaunte's backyard and watch jaunte's daily routine. This morning saw us both in a bit of a panic. I called out to my neighbor who told me all would be okay and I let her know that I had today off if she needed anything.
Jaunte was obviously not doing well. He wasn't moving, barking every 30 seconds, and panting loudly. This behaviour was not normal for jaunte. I left the back courtyard door open in case my neighbor called out for help.
Time went by, and I could still hear her dog in pain. I went over to her house to see if, again, there was anything I could help with. She had been on the phone with the vet all morning, and was going to bring him in. Jaunte is the size of a St. Bernard... approx anyway. He had moved a little bit in the yard, but not much. The vet said it sounded like an epileptic seizure but wasn't sure until observation.

Between the two of us, we had jaunte in the house, where he collapsed with exhaustion on the floor. He didnt have good use of three legs, and you could tell the poor thing was not well. My neighbor ran around a bit in shock and I sat with jaunte, trying to calm him a bit. With a bit of grunting and what could have gotten us into the Olympics, jaunte was in the back seat of her car. Collapsed again. I didnt want to face the fact, but I had thought Jaunte was at the end of his time. But, I said nothing, as I knew the neighbor had to be about herself to get to the vet.
I have seen the neighbor this afternoon. She was really sweet. She kept thanking me for helping this morning... it was nice to hear, but I was more concerned about her and her pet. In sadness, Jaunte has been put to sleep, due to a sudden aneurysm in the brain. My neighbor says shes doing alright, but i will def keep an eye on her and make sure I am there if there is anything I can do.
Say a prayer for my neighbor and jaunte, may he bark in heaven and run wild.