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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Would you really pay for it?

I would like to state first off, that I have never had a male escort. I dont know anyone that is a male escort. I dont quite understand the theory behind it.. men seem to give it away for nothing ... so to pay for it seems strange.

Then I stumbled upon these tidbits.

- I found a gay male escort in my area who has a 2 hr booking minimum, at $300 per hour. Oh my... and daily rates START at $1000 per day. Mind you... overnight rates are starting at $2000 per night. This seems like an odd pay structure to me... overnight costs more than the daily rate.. is his drool on the pillow really that good? Does he have a job during the day, where at least $1000 would cover the costs, and he figures his freetime in the evenings is more valuable? Good thing Im not in the need of a gay male escort... his WEBSITE says his 19, but looks like a horrible anorexic EMO teenager with no male structure or sculpted chest, or anything that this hetero female finds desireable in a man... so whew... saved me some money there! Ha

Upon more research, I find these tidbits out:

-I can become an escort, apparently in my area there is a high demand for escorts, with the opportunity to make a great income. I click the little box to see what is located in the neon green box... but i need to register first.. but its free.. ah.. good thing.. cuz if i had to be an escort, i prob wouldn't have shit for money and would really appreciate the whole "free registration" thing. However, after dabbling my eyes thru the terms & conditions, there is a membership fee, but the contractual agreement is for a period of 1 fixed month terms only, unless you give a 28 day notice... funny little thing there. Plus, they can sell my information. And there was extensive, in fact numerous mention of not being able to produce chain letters and distribute them amongst other members. Chain letters? Honestly, not something I would think would require repetitive mention on an escort site terms & conditions.. but hey.. this is all research and new to me.

-One lady shows her rates as this: 1/2 hour is $180 with 1 hour being charged at $250. Her overnight rate consisting of 12 hours is $2000 but stipulates that this includes 6 hours of sleep. Smart lady... shes getting close to $167 bucks an hour to sleep...

- There seem to be 2 types of escorts.. those that "order dessert" and those that "are dessert. I cant imagine that so far, any of the sites i have researched would really charge that much for dinner conversation. Would they?

The article in The Sun said that some of the women "ordered dessert" and others just wanted a companion for dinner or to attend some sort of function. Do you not have a male friend? I mean at those prices per hour... surely one of my male friends can toss on a suit and look respectable for a few hours.

Escorts... I guess everyone has a need for something.

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