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Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is not far from my house... they would like to put a nudist beach here. Interesting... I am not really sure how I feel on the topic. Actually, I probably dont care either way. I generally think SOME people look funny or odd with clothes on.. so Im thinking without clothes on, its probably not much of a change.
It will be interesting for these facts: apparently nudism is "eco-friendly" (see link: ) which, yeah okay, I can go with that. Plus, have you seen some of the swim suits lately? Mind you, Australia can get pretty hot... so sometimes the swimmers look like dental floss... and then on the other hand, being the "surface of the sun" it can get pretty damn hot and your likely to sunburn... but I havent seen the 1940's swimmers at all on any beach.
We do have a few local spots known for it to be a bit relaxed on the clothing issue. But to be declared as a nudist beach can open a whole can of issues. Now.. .you need to think like a Queenslander (which for any American readers, is similiar, but not the same, to what we term as a hillbilly... but one of those REALLY backwards ones) ah... if your a QLDR and reading this... its meant funny.. so for once smile and laugh and take it in stride...So Im thinking the debate issues / funny tag lines could be:
  • Public Place, and my lovely children might have access to it
  • As a public place, why do I have to be subjected to it?
  • I like to run every morning in THAT PACIFIC (specific is very very hard for someone from Queensland to say properly) spot
  • Cool - arent all Nudists models?
  • Will we have lockers to put our keys and stuff in?
  • My family has been having xmas lunch on that stretch of beach for 34 years. Now where will we go? You cant run us out like this.
  • So, will it have a lifeguard? What will they use for the floatation device?

So... come on.. what other witty lines can you come up with? Or what debate issues can you think it might pose?

Do you agree with a nudist beach in your area? Why, why not?


Anonymous said...

Nude beach??? Nude bitch??..Birthday suit?.....suite!..... oh I get it HAPPY 35th.

InALittleMinute said...

Ha ha... 35... not quite yet...I am wise for my age.. but age isnt there yet.

Thanks for the bday wishes tho.