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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hob-nobbing with the filthy rich tonight

Ah.. how it pays to have friends who work in really cool places filled with celebrities and big spenders. Tonight sees us playing tennis at one of the posh resorts near my house (fit enough for Queen and her staff in the previous years) and guess who happens to be staying at the resort as well? Well, lets just say this... in charge of the country.... along with other "prominent" officials...

So.. whats a girl to do when at one location with a CHANCE of meeting these particular people? She brings along the camera and of course makes sure she has some business cards on her so that way when I am pleading out to them and begging for residency.. they might remember me. Sad bit is this: I am not actually sure I would recognize the people who I would need to meet... how do you distinguish one old man with grey hair who dresses badly from another? Remember, I will be at a resort.. so add the tacky resort wear to it... goodness me...

The camera is a must... Im just hoping for some goods and curious things to see!

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