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Thursday, July 03, 2008

While my eyes still rest

On my way to work this morning, still a bit drowsy and wishing it wasnt so early... I end up behind a Mustang... kudos! Always one of my favorite muscle cars... and being that its an import over here... rare to see... however, i thought they had to have it signed on the back windscreen "Left-handed driver".

Somedays or times, for a just a quick moment, when you have always driven your vehicle from the left side of the car on the right side of the road... and you move to another country where they do the opposite, well lets say sometimes you panic to make sure your doing what you should be doing in the right country. Sometimes its the idiot driving opposite you who makes you second guess your driving actions.. sometimes its the idiot in front of you swerving everywhere. This morning, amongst morning madness, was one of those mornings, where for 2 seconds, i had to really think if i was driving correctly.

Note that I am on the right side of my vehicle, and the guy in the bobcat in front of the Mustand is on the right side as well. I did note that the guy in the Mustang really hugged the left shoulder quite a bit, rather than the middle of his side of the road.. wonder if it had anything to do with him being on the left side of his vehicle?

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