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Friday, July 25, 2008

Honest Betty

Some nights its just fun to be silly with your friends. I had one of those nights this week. As my friend was going thru the cupboards and looking to bake, to help her feel all domesticated and stuff.. she decided to bake some cookies... betty crocker style. She made one silly little comment about how she didnt think they really had OVER 200 chocolate chips like it says on the box.
Ha! My friend works for General Mills, and she can't tell you enough how great the company is to work for. To be honest, it sounds like a really company to work for, and loads of fun and free stuff. Sad thing, shes going to retire soon... perfect opportunity.. let's count the chips.. if there arent OVER 200 chips in the box... we can call my friend, lets call her : MacAttack and put in a complaint before she retires and we can get a free box. Yes, I am cheap and always looking for a bargain or freebie.
So.... we count the chips.

Any guesses on how many chips in the box? We had placed our numbers, and we were way off. 396 chocolate chips in that box. Pretty damn impressive. There goes my enterprise bargaining and misleading consumers tangent I was prepared to give....

Betty Crocker.. you gotta just love her. She seems to hold up her end of the bargain.

And for a side note, the cookies were really YUMMY!

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