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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Vegan or Boobs?

I dont watch the TV show Big Brother... I honestly could find about 40 million other things to do with my time. I would rather collect lint from the carpet with a tweezer than watch such drab and mindless crap. I did, with much shame, sit with a friend who HAD to watch it... said friend would not talk to me during the show, only during commercials and was like a heroine junkie waiting for the commercial to end... legs shaking and when something "good" happened on the show, said friend would slap my knee with was a 1 and only 1 time thing.. in fact last time said friend was at my place and the time was nearing, said friend pleaded for me to turn it on. Exactly what enjoyment does one get when a friend is watching a show and you can almost see the brainwashing of stupidity occur in their eyes... remember those circles in the eyes from cartoon characters? Thats the way said friend gets with Big Brother. I kicked said friend out and locked the door.

So....I hear Pamela Anderson is going to be showing up at the 'house' this week. You know ratings are bad when you have to get her to come and be an intruder. You know they are flogging the crap out of the commercial if I know about anything Big Brother related.

I like Ms Tits in one way: shes a vegetarian, donates to charity, concerned about the environment, supports Obama... etc. The downside of her is that she plays the dumb blonde routine a bit too much, we all have boobs and yes mine are real and didnt cost the price of a house but no need to show them all that much, she cant decide if its Tommy or No Tommy (way to be adult and make a decision) and her decorating style is repulsive to me (yes, thank you RealEstalker).

In one way I hope she does something worthwhile with her time at Big Brother such as educate those idiots on vegetarianism, worldwide impact of pollution & global warming, consumerism, etc... but than again, with the lack of intelligence required to watch the show, much less be on the show, I am almost thinking Ms Tits wont be doing anything worthwhile but being an idiot like the rest of the hosemates... opps housemates. Flashing tits, talking sex, flopping the head about, and oh yeah, laugh like an idiot.

Suprisingly, I think Ms Tits might be the smartest one in the house...


Anonymous said...

lack of intelligence required to watch the show, I hear my dear friend writes knowing I am the friend that only during commercials was like a heroine junkie waiting for the commercial to end... legs shaking and when something "good" happened on the show, I would slap her knee with excitement..Might I just add these people are alot brighter than my dear friend gives them credit for, they have a vet, a lawyer, accountant, they are a few that are in the house.. I personally think the show is entertaining, amusing, and great REALITY, I know if I was in a house with 10 other people for up to 72 days I would go insane not sure how my dear friend would be after that many days??????? I dont personally judge anyone I treat everyone equal tits or no tits, Im a great actor at playing dumb when need be and Im a good person maybe it just means your not as smart as my dear friend who chooses not to watch the show each to there own, Im not quote brainwashed not yet anyway..she cant decide if its Tommy or No Tommy (way to be adult and make a decision) and her decorating style is repulsive to me .. well I have been in these positions in my life over the years.. But I hope dear friend isnt quick to judge me as she does these other people. My taste in homeware and decorating isnt even near like my dear friend nor is our fashion but she is who she is otherwise she wouldnt have wrote all what she did and I love her for it, dear friend you have a remote you can chose to turn the channel if you think bb is not your cup of tea, by the way last night you missed a great show..

InALittleMinute said...

oh touchy touchy my friend.. did someone forget the happy pill this morning?

Wasnt a personal attack on you.. sorry if you felt it was.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say that judging by the bizarre syntax and complete lack of coherence or internal logic of anonymous's comment,"dear friend" may well have been on the right track as regards intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I love blogs where you get to voice YOUR OWN THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS AND CREATE A LITTLE STIR!! Thanks for the entertainment! Keep it up. Thanks to God and the troops we all have the FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Inalittle minute, you should be a journalist. Love reading your stories.

Anonymous said...

Wow what big words I have never heard nor said the word Syntax,lack of coherence or internal logic these are words I never hear on a daily basis, but like I have been told you learn something everyday thankyou anonymous, I have now learnt one new word for the day, as far a Intelligence goes you should have applied for big brother with comments like that anonymous.. Michelle I only learn from the best I am happy I just wanted to start you off for the day with a sal comment love ya mate talk soon..xx

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly - the beauty of this blog is that we can ALL learn something new, be it a new word, or a different way of looking at something,through the conduit of enthusiastic
discussion. Conduit - there's another word that's sadly underused in everyday conversation.
Life would be tedious and predictable indeed, if we all had the same opinions.
However, I must add that I personally would feel a little uneasy thanking God and "the troops" for my right to speak. freely.How many times in history have religion and fascist governments who have the military in their control stifled free speech and the right to be different? General Franco in Spain springs to mind immediately, and anit-abortionist fundamentalist Christians are hardly open to different viewpoints.
Interesting discussion!