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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ah Opps, done think you messed up

I have stumbled upon news which informs me that an ex-con turned motivational speaker from my Home State has been convicted of 2 counts of attempted murder from an incident in May of this year.

What? Ex-Con. Check. Motivational Speaker. What? You almost have to wonder what sort of motivational tape he was listening to that morning which made him snap and try to kill 2 people. Or, maybe, just maybe, the CD which was in the player had a fingerprint on it, and seemed to send out a MUCH DIFFERENT subliminal message that it was supposed to.

Oh, did I mention that part of his whole MONEY MAKING income derived situation of doing "talks and motivational awareness" was a preaching which told kids to stay off drugs, abstain from sex and make POSITIVE choices.

Ah... how many parents at the local schools are thinking.. can we get a refund on that seminar?

He tried to shoot his girlfriend and his friend, and then made the girlfriend perform a sexual act on him, or he was going to kill her.

Yeah, some how I am not seeing the "practice what you preach" theory going on here. His lab tests also showed that he had cocaine, meth and THC in his system. Oh.. his lab tests also showed high levels of dumbass as well.

Its sad really. People sometimes get off track. But at what point do you not question yourself and feel a bit of a synic when your high as a kite with a gun in your hand shooting at your friend and your lover.. and think to yourself, "I love my job..."

He did a lot of good for awhile for a lot of people. Many people were touched by his words and his thinking. Its just too bad that lifes negativity got in his way.

Poor Russell J Simmons JR. May you make better choices on your next stint in prison.

Want to know his catch phrase, the phrase that makes him really well known: "10 seconds can save your life forever"

Sometimes we forget that 1 person we need to listen to is... ourselves.

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