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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dede can have a life again

Some of you might be familiar with Dede, aka "Tree Man". He is from Bandung, Indonesia and holds an incredible story. He has been diagnosed with a rare medical condition, and the best known advice or "reason" for these warts to grow from his body was a combination of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus ) and a genetic disorder which doesnt allow the immune system to fight the infections off. He is only 37 years of age.

Dede has not been able to work. He can not work in the rice fields, cook at a local warang, fish, or do the other "normal" jobs which are available and needed in his village. The only job he has been able to have, is for the touring freak show of Java.

Can you imagine? Its bad enough that you have an abnormality and no one could really help. Its bad enough that you are unable to really provide for yourself. Its bad enough that your wife packed her things along with the children to live elsewhere because you could not provide for the family. BUT, to have to work in what is termed as a "Freak Show", I just find it disgusting that a human has to feel such emotions.

A doctor from the USA, actually a dermatologist, believed he could help Dede. Through extensive operations (8 so far) and an extensive treatment of Vitamin A, other medical treatments, and lots of painstalking research... Dede is able to have a pretty normal life now.

It looks as if he is able to work and use his limbs again, something which he hasnt been able to do for a number of years. He is excited about returning to a normal life.

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willam said...

i saw a program on him and he's said to have turned down further treatment because he can't make money as a carnival attraction wtihout his malady.