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Monday, August 04, 2008

What the? Visuals for a good giggle

Funky Mo Man was interesting.. I actually ended up stalking him to try to get a good photo.. its really hard to tell but maybe if you click the photo you can see that this little hairy creature was about 1 inch in diameter at his chin. Funny thing is it just kept blending in with his top or he moved his head an odd way so I couldn't quite grasp the "uniqueness" of the hairy creature as well as I would have liked. He had a really nice look to him, as in soul wise, but the hairy creature must be captured and dealt with!
I was also trying to get a good snap of this person who was in such an odd outfit in my opinion but she blended in quite well against the lush grass and bushes. At first I thought she was a fairy, and part of the entertainment.. and then I looked at my photos and no... she wasnt "dressed up" at all... I did however, discover that she and Funky Mo Man were a "couple". If you can pick it, shes sitting down in front of him with some sort of wild hat on.
Honestly, I didnt think this outfit was the worst of the day.. but it was still a bit of "What the?" and look twice sort of thing.. she was having a great time at the event. In fact, her walk was almost a skip!Someone always has to have a shoe issue...these woman chatted for an extensive length of time about the shoe.. the odd bit? Well, they both had shoes on so I am a bit concerned as to why you would pick up a stray shoe, or why you would analyze the stray shoe, or much less TOUCH someone else's shoe...? YUCK!
Oddly enough, this was lunch.. guess which was Tilda's and which was mine? Hint? Im not a sweet's sort of person...ah... getting older has so many benefits!

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