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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Other Parent

So yesterday I told you how "proud" my dad made me by making it into the paper for his DUI AGAIN...

Before I start, let me clarify.. I have 2 dads. How did a girl get so lucky? Well, mom was a tart and couldnt decide who was the father... nah just kidding! My mom remarried years ago, and that man became a father to me. He walked into my life and took the task of being a dad very serious. We have heaps of things in common, and I am positive he snuck in one night back in the 70's and had a thing with my mom. You would never be able to tell that we werent biological father / daughter. He lives in this country with my mom.

Then I have the 1 you read about yesterday. His name is on my birth certificate. He is also my biological dad. He lives in the USA.

I love both of them dearly, but you could not get more different people if you tried.

Last night we went for dinner to our favorite seafood restaurant. My dad (the one here, I know it can be confusing) is going on an exotic trip for a bit and leaving us to tend to our lives. Okay so exotic may not be the correct term, but California does have exotic people.. dont they? So, we had family dinner out at the restaurant.

I asked, "Will you miss us while your gone?"

Dad, "Yes"

Me, "Okay, just checking."

Dad, "You always ask that when Im leaving for a trip."

Its true, I do always ask him if he will miss us. I never conciously knew that I did that, until he pointed it out to me. I just didnt think he recalled that sort of stuff.

He does.

It was cute and special.

Maybe its the Pooh & Piglet thing... "Nothing, I just wanted to be sure of you."

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