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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Snake

I came home early to meet the plumber for my water heater saga. Hopefully its fixed! I discovered the tail end of a snake wandering its way thru the corner fence posts...into the neighbors yard... after a bit of a shock and reasoning, I settled down a bit. I think the only justification in the whole situation is that it was MUCH smaller than the first one I discovered last year, oh and the fact it was heading OUT of my yard!

I have found out that Ex-Neighbor S is pregnant again. WhoooHooo! I get to be an auntie again! I also heard that my cousin is pregnant again as well. Wow! Strange thing is both my cousin and Ex-Neighbor S were pregnant together last time as well... had they not been in 2 different countries, I would be thinking it was the water, but to happen again... Yikes! Congrats to them, I know that they will love the kids with as much love possible.

Well, its a short one.. I have company stopping by tonight....

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