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Thursday, July 01, 2010

And the award goes to…

We have mice at work. Its inevitable. Its a factory, theres fields… its bound to happen.

What I dont like is them popping on my desk. Anywhere else but on my stuff. Im sure there are some nasty diseases I could get from them.. or infections or something.

Every now and then I see one run across the room or past the hallway… sometimes Im not sure if its an Acid Flashback from my younger years or if its really a mouse.

Im going with a mouse on that one.

I came to work this morning and those mice have been SO busy.. they def deserve the hardiest working employee award.. cuz I KNOW they have worked harder than most of the staff here.

Here is what they got into last night..


(look at all the nibble bits to get into the treats..)



(if you click the photo to make it larger.. you can see that there are 5 areas of different candy / chips they chunked into… and this was only a quick grab from the box… however, they didnt touch the Snickers… everything else, but the Snickers..


I just wish they would stop popping in my office. Eck. Poop ANYWHERE else you want.. just not my office!

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Anonymous said...

sure fire kill method -mouse trap with the tiniest smear of peanut butter.And I mean, the tiniest.If you put a chunk on there, they'll just nibble the overhang.They adore peanut butter. This method has always worked in our workplace.