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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So out of touch

I sometimes forget how much I have secluded myself from others. It hasnt been a bad thing, and certainly isnt in an unhealthy way. But, I have secluded myself from people who have a high drama content. I also know that I pull back from people when they have too much created chaos in their lives.  Dont get me wrong, when my friends or family are in need, Im probably the first one on the doorstep waiting to be there and help.  However, when a person in my life starts dribbling about problem A, problem B, problem C…and so on.. and then you start to piece that A+B+C= their own doing from decisions or actions (or lack of actions).. you start to lose some sympathy points.

For many MANY years now, I have tried to eliminate a good chunk of drama out of my life. The created chaos drama. Its not good, healthy or productive.



Every now and then, some drama creeps in.. thats just life. Yet, some days I open my ears and all I hear around me is DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. 

Fuck people, you cant be mad at me if you dont change shit in your life and I have no sympathy for the 100th time that you have told me your ‘issue’.  The reality is your ‘issue’ is the result of your own actions.  You LOVE the drama in your life. I however, have had my fill from years past, and can not do it anymore.

So.. drama & you can fuck off and take a vacation from me. I cant hear anymore of it.  If you cant figure out why your life sucks… how about taking a really good look at it and trying to sort it, for once.  Yeah, that would be helpful.

1 comment:

Daisy said...

hahaha! I love it!

Good on you for keeping your life drama free! :)