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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Im doing the internet dating thing, y’all know that.  But, I have had it, I have reached my limit…. today, some guy who is 47 sends me a kiss and wants to get to know me. Remember, Im only 35… and hes 47… now, at first that may not sound like a huge difference.. but his eldest daughter is 27…. WTF?

Yuck. Yuck. Triple Yuck.

And, this isnt the first time that old creepy men have contacted me.  I have had them up to 54 years old, be interested. 

Now, its great that you think so highly of yourself. Or that your young enough at heart that a 35 year old would be interested. Or that you could “provide” for me. Or whatever… your beer belly balding ass who scratches himself regularly and all that jazz.. whatever your reasons are… please remember that although you think your hot stuff, and you think I should be oh so honored to date you… please think of my mother.. who is only 55 damn years old…. do you think thats still okay? The fact that your age is closer to my moms than to mine?  I dont. I think that just screams EWWWWWWW icky creepy old nasty spoiled milk smelling man.  ICK.

Thanks for the kiss.. but so not flattered.


JEZ said...

Dude...What if he's hot like George Clooney, or Brad Pitt, or Viggo Mortenson? I'm just sayin'...

InALittleMinute said...

Oh, Jez... if it was one of those delish choices.. me & my blog would be straight onto that old man thang in no time!

But, unfortunately, these men are not coming with the looks, the money, the class, or the good looking ass!

Anonymous said...

she's right Jez..she's talking Queensland Sunshine Coast..where men are men, jails are full, belly's and bar's and burps are the "cool" thing, and sheep and kids are nervous.