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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dating Dramas

After some much needed thinking on my ‘situation’ of the 2 prospects in my life at the moment.. I finally came to a decision.

Here where some highlights of what helped me come to my recent decision-

  • although its nice to hear from a guy, hearing from them 4 or 5 times a day when your just getting to know them is a bit much
  • when a guy is SO in to you that he keeps complimenting how gorgeous you are, how much he loves your smile, and then looks at your photo every day, you almost want to report him to the police for some sort of stalker personality trait
  • while speaking to someone and they keep saying ‘what else?’ after you have a conversation.. and you reply with ‘what else, what?’ you know its not going good.  Nothing shits me more than somebody who just wants you to ramble on and then has nothing to contribute to the conversation other than ‘what else’
  • informing me of his work schedule for the next few days to let me know that he will have a difficult time ringing me, but he will try on his break. Dude… YOU DONT HAVE TO CALL ME EVERY BLOODY DAY. Its okay to have a day or two in between your ‘what else?’ thoughts
  • when you ask a guy about his ex and his kid.. and he responds to your answer, then follow ups and says.. “how about you?”  and the only response you can give to that, is …. ‘i dont have an ex or a kid.. remember that being on my profile?’ you know the whole thing is doomed.

What else?  hahahaha

So, I let him go. I told him the distance was too far to actually give any proper dedication to anything. He insisted we should still meet. He also told me it was good to be able to be honest with each other, its very important for a relationship, honesty.

After another 4 explanations of my time schedule (lets be honest, if I didnt have all these red flags and notable irritations it may have been a different story and MAY have been willing to meet) BUT … I say it again to him.  He tells me he is listening.  Right… ?

My response to his “ I am listening” is simply this: “I should hope so.”  It was then that I wanted to just hang up. 

Eventually, he threw me a bone. He told me that he wished me well, and although he wanted to meet and have some fun and see where a relationship could go, he wanted me to have a good life.  Cool. Told him to have a good night, to which he responded with a very stern, “GOOD NIGHT” and then hung up.

Eh.. men. Strange. 

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JEZ said...

I recall a similar experience with an e-man who seemed to be all abut talking and emailing but wouldn't commit to that initial date so I told him to move on and he got all pissy with me wondering what he did and why I'd lead him on like that etc. HAHA. I think some men just like the attention but never have any intentions. What about the other guy?