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Friday, July 02, 2010



So Friday arrived, and work is done for a few days… thank goodness.

Its been interesting on the dating side of things.

  • Man 1 (M1) was married for 14 years
  • Man 2 (M2) was married as well.
  • M2 says hes been divorced at least 7 years or so.  Funnily, his ex’s name is same as mine.. just spelled different.
  • Both have kids.. M1 has a young child. M2 has teenagers.
  • Both seem to be quite involved in sport.. same sport.. Soccer. Whew.. I like soccer.
  • M1 likes Cricket… if only he knew that I find it cute that the duck comes across the screen.. which apparently is a really bad thing in Cricket.  Thats my knowledge or care factor there.
  • M1 seems very attentive.
  • M2 is giving me attention, but not everyday like M1
  • M1 lives further from me.

What to tell… I wont be meeting any of them this week.. M2 is going away for the week and we couldnt meet this week as he is sick. And, although hes getting better, or so he says, I was pretty adamant that not a chance in hell stood for he & I meeting while he was sick. M1 is going to take more effort.. hes further away, and not just a bit of a ways.. just over an hour away.. ugh.  So.. maybe next weekend? Who knows..

Keep ya’ll posted.

Any questions my avid readers want me to ask either M1 or M2? 


JEZ said...

Is either M "Said Guy" or are these two new M's? Oh, and are they rich? HAHAHA.

Ladybird said...

Hrmmm. you could ask them how they feel about blogging! If they don't like it, you'll know what to do.. hehe ;)

InALittleMinute said...

Ah.. sorry for the confusion.. Said Guy is M2.. the one with teenagers.