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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


On a popular networking site, I often see random photos of strangers. Why? Cuz Im bored.

Im amazed at how many people just let their photos be public for all to see. Personally, mine are private, so you have to be my friend in order to see them. But, not everyone does such things.

Enter me & boredom. Im sure Im not the only one who looks at strangers photos. For instance, when you go to find your long lost friend and you have to stumble through 32 names because its been that long since you last heard anything of your lost friend, that you have no clue where she might work or live. So, you see little ‘thumbnails’ of 32 people who MAY or MAY not be long lost friend.  And, if your bored or wanting to escape the hell of work for a few minutes, you click on some profiles, and then enter PHOTOS.  Amazing what people put up in the photo section. AMAZING.

However, today I stumble upon a ex boyfriend. And, while I cringe at the thought of his wirey redhead hairy self, I found his photo of he & his wife. Its ugly. er cute I mean. 2 lovebirds.  Nah, its still ugly. I almost vomit that I slept his redhead self. Ick. Ick.

Got me thinking tho… I have stumbled upon a lot of profiles which have photos of only Mr & Mrs in a photo together. No photos of themselves, just the 2 of them. As if almost joined at the hips, forever in the shackles of ‘love’ or jealousy – its a fine line.

I dont know, just seems so many people have these photos of them & hunnylover .. as if the whole world will tilt the wrong way if they had their own identity.. er I mean photo.

Eh gads.. not your own photo?

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