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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Turning Points in Life

I had a birthday this week. Had a lovely bday, filled with a massive amount of well wishes & loving thoughts.

A few people were teasing me saying that Im gettin so much closer to the big 4-0… 40. who cares. Im 35 by the way, and to me, 40 is still 5 years away.. no need to worry about that one just yet.

Im loving being 35. I have great friends & family who are all very special to me. And, for the first year in a long time of milestones, Im not worrying constantly about my residency. As I now have that little stamp in my passport, its less to worry about and no longer putting strain on my life like it did for so many years.  So, why wouldnt turning 35 be good? Seriously.

I have also been really happy with the results of my physio from the Italian Stallion, as well as Needle Nut, aka acupuncture.  The two really know what to do. My legs feel fantastic (well, in comparison to the past) and I firmly believe that I am well on the way to a great recovery from this knee issue. Thank goodness I didnt sign up for that surgery, right? Yippee!

I had a fantastic cake this year:



Isnt it adorable? And it tasted really yummy as well! Thanks mom!

I wont get all mushy on you guys, but life is good. Im 35, and loving it.


JEZ said...

I love that cake! Your Mom rocks. I can't tease you cuz you're younger. But I will give you this advice. 35 for me, meant every fart was a gamble. I've since rolled the dice a couple and lost, so just know I did warn you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the beautiful compliments both of you. Cake was really fun to make and it was wonderful making your 35th a great celebration. We'll do more celebrating in Bali! I'm talking Pina Colada in the pineapple celeb! Love you oodles, even though i'm too lazy to sign into google at the moment:-)

Daisy said...


cute cake too!!! :)

You get acupuncture? I've always wanted to try it! But am afraid no one in UTAH will be up to speed with it ...