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Monday, July 26, 2010

Odd feeling

I found out today that one of my ex boyfriends has 4 kids.. to 3 different mamas. I dont really care, but holy begeezish... I was a bit taken aback by the news... then I find out another had a kid to that little tanned whorebag I hate so much. Well, I dont know if HE did or his brother did, because years ago I heard thru the grapevine that she was doing his brother as well. See.. whorebag. So, now, just for curiousity sake.. Im really wanting to know is it HIS or his brothers? Why? No reason. Doesnt impact me at all. But I saw a photo of the kid, and can not draw my own conclusion. Seriously, how do you sleep with a guy for years and not be able to recognize his (possible) kids photo? Sad isnt it? Oh well. Like I said, I dont really care, but I would love to have that bit of juicy news.

It seems everyone is having all these damn kids. And thats cool. If you want them. But, Im hoping that they grew up and became responsible people who can raise GOOD INTELLIGENT DECENT HUMAN BEINGS.... and thats probably not the case. After all whorebag is a nutjob with 5.. yep count them 5 kids... and to at least 3 different daddies... and one ex is has 2 kids with 2 different mamas, and then there is the other ex ... ah.. you get the point. The funny thing is... Im so not jealous, but a little bit sad for them. None of them seem to really be doing anything in life, except for a few, the biggest mission is staying out of jail. Yippee for your adult ass. Seriously, instead of making babies, how about you try to survive the world we live in, and once you can handle that... then THINK about bringing others into the world.

Ugh. Sometimes its all I can do to not reach thru the computer and slap my friends.


JEZ said...

Once upon a time, women could get knocked up and it would mean they got their man cause there was no leavin' a pregnant women right? Well nowadays men can and often do leave and neither sex seems to care to learn from the first "oops". You know how many women want to know the EXACT day they conceived? "Sorry", I say "but there is at least a four day window". Then I hand them the number for the Maury Povich show. He brings families together through DNA ;-)

InALittleMinute said...

I love the Maury comment! Sadly, I think shes probably already been a contestant..opps.. I mean ... called their office!

Anonymous said...

Has no one heard of birth control??

Daisy said...

oh wow - don't they know they can get free contraception at Planned Parenthood? omgosh omgosh omgosh - so many babies!!!

I hope they're not all on welfare. :(

that was mean of me to say ... but seriously - if you have a baby - do it responsibly!!!