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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The dating deal

A few of you are interested in the dating game that I happen to be playing… well, not much time today to write, but thought I would give you a quick synopsis on things the past few days.

  • Said guy from post below & I make plans to speak the other day.  I took your advice, and didnt want to push him off the bridge so quickly without REALLY having a valid reason, so I agreed to call him
  • on Said day, Said guy receives a text from me saying that I would be calling at Said time.. does that work?
  • Said guy responds with text saying he is out at the pub with mates and would get in contact with me tomorrow if that okay

Oh, this is not looking good here is it… I should have never listened to all of you ‘do- gooders and faithful in love people’

The Pub. With Mates. Eck.

Then.. tomorrow rolled around:

  • Said guy sends a text that he ‘ has had such a social 3 days that he has shut down and probably not good for a chat tonight’ and asks if he can call me tomorrow.
  • My immediate response is NO. YOU CAN NOT CALL ME TOMORROW. Afterall, we scheduled a tomorrow, and that be TODAY dumbass.. and you were too busy out drinking & socializing that no, I am unavailable to you at your desire of tomorrow….then I realize I have plans anyway, and the reality is tomorrow is NOT going to work for me as I made actual plans.
  • I respond to Said guy that Im busy and maybe the night after.

Are you glad I listened to you y’all who were so quick to defend his side?

Other news.. this Italian man contacted me.. well, Im pretty sure he is Italian. I have dreamt him to be delish-ous! with lots  & lots of goodness.   So.. keep you posted on that one.. and hes closer to my age, lives a bit further, and oh yeah.. has a kid.. but better than Said guy who has 2 kids…

Either way, Italian man seems to intrigue me a little…




Anonymous said...

hmmmm Italian Mafia mafia maybe:-)

JEZ said...

Ya, get rid of Said Guy. At least you didn't blow him off immediately, which allowed validation of your initial instints with no harm done to either party. I don't care how much socializing you have time for the phone. Stall tactics=games=LOSER! Good luck with the Italian Stallion. (or so one can hope.)

Tilda said...

OK ready for more on the "italian stallion" info!!!AND updates on the rest...still waiting for pics from the Ron Mueck exhibit...