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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

At it again

There are so many options. Too many choices. And yet, nothing which makes my heart go pitter patter.  I have re-joined an internet dating website. Im not sure that I really want to be ‘dating’ but Im maybe, MAYBE ok with giving it a go. I mean, I would date, if it was the Right sort of guy. And while there are options of every social class, colors, heights, professions, marital status… etc…  I just cant seem to find the Right sort of guy.


Grandma has always told me I am Picky. Now that shes older and loving being (hey, wait a minute.. how come the I before E except after C rule doesnt apply..I know why, but its funny that the slogan popped in my head there!). anyway. Grams loves being single. And so do I. But lets be honest. I need to get laid. And so, Im gonna be picky!

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JEZ said...

YAY! Can you blog about it so I can live vicarously through you? I was an online dating pioneer. I did it when it was still HUSH HUSH and no one except me would talk about it. Then I hooked up some friends and coworkers with the e-dating and two of them got married! Me, I seemed to attract the guys with baggage but made some friends nonetheless! Good luck. Oh, and Gramma's right. Single ain't so bad.