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Friday, June 11, 2010


It was pointed out to me today that its been 17 years (June) that I graduated from High School. Holy Beejibbers… 17 years… wow.. that really flew by.

Here are a few snippets of what I have learned in 17 years since not being in High School (of course, its not everything, but I only have so much writing space so bear with me):

In no particular order of importance

  • I love my life
  • I know its important to enjoy life and live for what makes you content in your heart.. whatever that is
  • You will never live up to the expectations set forth upon you
  • You must live the path you choose, live it well
  • You can live a really nice comfortable and happy life without having to be married or attached to another person
  • I like making my own decisions.. however good or bad they may be
  • I do not have to like everyone
  • I do not need thousands of friends
  • I enjoy my quality & quantity of great friendships
  • I like spending time with my own company
  • I am strong & independent. If you dont like it, not my problem
  • If I dont like what I am doing, I can change it
  • If I dont want to change what I am doing, I have learned how to justify it…yep.
  • I love to travel & dive into new cultures. The whole armchair traveller is NOT me.  Give me experiences, let me speak to the people, I want to know how they live, I want to see their world thru their eyes.. not a thru a cabana lounge or lonely planet
  • I spend money to travel rather than having the latest technology or newest car
  • I am loved
  • I love
  • I give my love to those who are worthy of it. No need to waste my gifts on those otherwise
  • I have learned to see who is worthy and who is not so worthy much quicker than I previously had
  • I value myself more and more each day
  • Its important to be honest, I cant lie for shit, and I dont really appreciate those who lie to themselves either
  • If you dont love yourself…then why the hell not? Who else is gonna otherwise?
  • I can have any job. I have had many jobs (just ask Sabrina.. she knows my resume) but as I get older, I give more thoughts to the ramifications of the economic condition before leaving one job for another
  • Learn to analyze things
  • Take risks
  • Proceed with caution
  • Somedays, run like hell towards whatever you choose. Dont think about it
  • You will get hurt in life. You need to learn to overcome it. Cry it out, and move on
  • Be true to yourself
  • Protect yourself
  • Find a moment each day that you can relish in and be in that moment, even if its just for a 30 second pause in your day
  • Take care of your car – wash it, polish it, love it
  • Out of sight, mostly out of mind.. it seems to be a general thing
  • Most people who you believe should never lie to you, will.
  • You can love a whole heap of people thru the years and still be happy that you come home to your house with just the cat waiting for you
  • I am educated and can have thought provoking conversations
  • I have true friends who know the real me
  • I have secrets
  • My experiences in life have not only taught me, but also others

Wow.. 17 years.. I always thought I had commitment issues, but after hearing that I have put 17 years into becoming the person I am, learning along the way, and showing the world what I am capable of as an independent adult… quite a good accomplishment if I do say so myself.

Funny thing is, I remember when I heard about the 5 year reunion… I laughed it off…today, the laughter was not my first response to the 17 years!

I can still remember those days. Filled with so much… of everything… and yet nothing… just new to the world… finding yourself… discovering the world…

And now, here i sit, ready to go to bed at 10 pm on a friday cuz work was crazy this week. Oh the times, they are a changing…


Tilda said...

You are wise way beyond your years my dear! And as for lies from people you didn' think would ever lie to you...anything to do with "ink poisoning?"...:-) Love your blog. You have so much to teach the rest of the to just get them to LISTEN!!!

Anonymous said...

Like the new layout! bold!

JEZ said...

I love it! We just booked the venue for my 20th reunion. Seems like graduation was just yesterday. I especially like that you enjoy your own company. I often prefer it! HA! Love the new look also. Miss you~

InALittleMinute said...

@ Tilda: Thank you for your kindness. And no, the ink poisoning incident wasnt what I was referring to. But, now that you mention it...

@Jez: hard to believe yours is 20 years as well... goodness.. where did the time go?

So glad you all like my new layout!

GooChick said...

If been out of high school a wee bit longer than you but our lists are exactly the same! Thanks for putting pen to paper, per se.