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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some of the "best" presents for her?

I was looking in the paper today... a reputable newspaper which gave a photo gallery of some of the "best gifts to give her" and thought it would be a great addition to a wish list! I picked some of my favorites on teh "DO NOT PURCHASE FOR ME" I personally think these few "select" items are butt-ugly, but thought it necessary to share.... beware the eyes! Prada may make these shoes but for $1290.00 I think I would rather buy about 400 pairs of other shoes that will: A) not make me want to vomit; B) not look like I have shit hanging from the back of my shoe; and C) not allow me to hold my pencil in the heel pocket... really, what is that thing protruding from the shoe?
These candle holders are just laughable... I mean really, how could you stop from saying..."its been a real fruit of a time at dinner tonight."

This dress makes me want to vomit..or wait, is that already vomit on the dress... I cant be sure.. but for $850.00 fo a "designer" dress, I am thinking YELLOW is not the color to choose for this print. Yuck!


Anonymous said...

I think the yellow dress is more the color of newborn stool movements! Might make a good "after baby" outfit so if the newborn does it's thing on your lap, no one would notice! love ya mamma

Beth said...

the shoes? got to go. but I kinda like the candle holders!

Anonymous said...

i agree about the candleholders - just the thing for a Carmen Miranda themed party.