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Monday, December 29, 2008

A night of farewells

Last night there was a farewell party that I attended. It was an "S" themed party... not everyone wanted to be nice and play along in the theme, but here are a few of those who did:

Sailor (and a passing neighbor)

My farewell cake I made for the party.. hard to see in the photo but in the ocean is a big fish.. the sand has a thong (or flip flop) and of course the car as she is driving back to Blue Mountains

The Sailor (again) and the Soccer Player

The Smurf, The Surfer, and The Sexy Santa

And then this showed up.. thank goodness we had a few drinks by this point.. The Skateboarding Spartan! Oh my!

Good times and good laughs! Although I am sure theres going to be at least 1 more farewell party before Smurf actually leaves us!

1 comment:

Beth said...

i love this idea!!!! I gotta copy this...and find a reason to have a party! ;)