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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I knew the post office was moving location, but I didnt know what date exactly. There was a sign posted on the door for the last month, but after a few date changes, I just ignored the damn sign. It was wrong anyway.
I needed to go to the Post Office last week and drove up to the office only to notice that it was black and empty. Oh, guess they moved!
Today, I venture to the Post Office to conduct serious postal business... no I didnt go postal on anyones ass... in fact, I think that the Post Office staff at this particular branch are the nicest people: friendly, always willing to help, no task too big, excellent service, and minimal mistakes. Generally speaking, the postal service in this country is crap, I always end up with my neighbors mail, and although Im sure they sometimes end up with mine, they never give it to me...
Anyway, I wander down the street (towards the old post office) and I must have looked like some sort of helpful assistant because 2 people asked me where the post office was. Im just glad to have been there to help! Had to laugh... it would have been much to easy to actually put a sign on the window telling people the new location!
Ah the beauty of small towns. Imagine the look in their eyes when the American accent kicks out directions to the post office.... much too funny.

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Anonymous said...

another one of those "know it all yanks" signage is not a big requirement in Australia as you have noticed.