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Monday, December 08, 2008

As if I needed another reason to not really care for her...

Okay, so maybe the car is not actually running or in gear.. but are you kidding me? Where is the bloody car seat for your kid?
Seriously, in some states, if you have keys in the ignition of a car, but the car is not moving, you can still be charged with DWI... so how is this not a crime to have the kid on your lap as you sit in your car? You can not tell me that once and only ONCE the car stopped and was in parked did this mother take her child out of the car seat (fastened up) and then put the kid on her lap????

Find it hard to believe.
Maybe a license for people to reproduce? I said it years ago as a joke, but now I think its really the truth... you should have a license in order to sprout others... just a thought.
(Photo from Hollywood Heartbreaker)

1 comment:

Beth said...

now you KNOW if this were Britney, the whole wide world would be on her case like white on rice!!!... But little Miss Frozen Face? won't happen.

Do you really think that's her baby? ;)