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Monday, December 08, 2008


Heres a few tidbits for you today... just until I get this video posted of my weekend.. its hilarious, so make sure you come back and watch it! However, until then, heres some tastiness for your taste buds.....

I have a secret: My co-workers wife called me up today for a work related issue. She is the most adorable thing and her and I could chat for hours! Today, we will give her a name: we will call her Wanda~ So, Wanda is telling me about her weekend, and we havent spoken in ages, so as we catch up on the goss, the xmas happenings, etc she also tells me that she got in trouble today from her hubby whom we will call Kirby... Kirby wakes up this morning to get showered and ready for work only to discover that Wanda hasn't done the full washing over the weekend. Kirby has no undies to wear to work. And yes, hes actually one of the civilized people I work with (few and far between really!) and he wakes up Wanda to see if maybe he just cant find his clean jocks... Wanda tells him, regretfully, that No, there musnt be any clean undies as she didnt get to that basket of clothes... he gonna have to deal with. Do you know what he has on today instead?

Yep, you guessed it... HER PINK UNDIES. Bonus is this: at least they are clean and I know hes wearing undies. The upside is that its funny to walk by him and giggle knowing his got his wifes undies on... but Im kinda dying to know if they have a little frilly bit on them or not... Heres another one for you: last week I went for dinner with Tilda. We went to a restaurant that was putting a Christmas Dinner Appreciation thing on. I was Tilda's guest! It was really nice to not have to cook during the week... but I had to laugh at the carpet at the venue (granted the carpet "change" is where the false wall is during some events.. but you would still think they would have made it all the same for when the false wall isnt there?).

I certainly dont want that Interior Decorator! And, I dont think I can wear my pink undies anymore...
Hope your well!

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