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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Rain Rain Rain

Yes, there is a reason for 3 rains in the title. Its been raining for 3 days. Non-stop. Sunday afternoon, evening. Monday. All day & night. Tuesday. All day & night.

The roads are closed, the rivers are flooding, the wind is howling, and my hair is not looking its best. You cant do ANYTHING to your hair with weather like this. Blah.

I left work today after only being there 2.5 hours. I wasnt sure if I stayed any longer than that if I would get home. We had 25% of staff not at work today due to the rain & floods. I have sent the boss a text message asking if work is on.. but being that the rain hasnt stopped at all.. not even for a 2 minute pause, Im thinking I probably wont be making it to work tomorrow. The road I travel to work was just about to flood this morning, and Im sure with 12 hours of continous rain its flooded and drastic.

So, a day off. Sounds great initially. But, what do you do when it rains and floods you in. Watch movies? Did that today. Laundry? It wont dry all that well with all this rain, and with 90% humidity Im certainly not turning on the dryer.  I could read, clean.. do all those chores I have been putting off, such as get some pictures together for sending back home to my dad in the USA, send off this months birthday cards, etc... but really, all i can think of is just chilling out. Its been so long since I have had a day to do nothing. That the idea of a planned nap is very inviting.  Who knows.. the day will probably fill up quite easily without me thinking too much about it.

I had a great mix of emotions on Sunday.. we had a Tsunami warning issued.  I headed to my place (remember, Im house/dog sitting) and grabbed a few very important documents and my passport and the cat & dog and headed to my parents place on a mountain. I wasnt taking any chances.  But the feelings that come over you in a time like that.. thinking about your home.. will it still be there, everything you work for, your comforts, your memories, your life... and you have to just lock the door, and put everything important off the floor and hope for the best. Its an odd feeling to have.. I cant describe the depth of the possible devastation that you sit & wonder if it for real. In fact, there were many times thru the day where I asked myself if this was all true. A tsunami? Really?

Thankfully, everything calmed down, and by late afternoon they called off the warning. Originally, it was supp to hit us at 9am. I was overcome with relief that although my house looks like a disaster zone with everything unplugged, things on top of the benches & tables.. it felt great to walk thru the door and know things were fine, and I was okay.  People can say they are not attached to material things (sidenote: thats not me. I work damn hard for all my shit & junk & treasures, Im attached to them. Why wouldnt I be? They are a part of me & my personality.) not matter how much someone wants to believe the material things dont matter, they do, to each of us.  Its odd to have that feeling of helpless in your own life. To lock the door and walk away from everything, hoping nothing happens.  Afterall, how does one rebuild their life? Piece by piece. Problem is, Im not sure my emotional status could handle the piece by piece bit at the moment.

Speaking of my emotional status: I called to check on my fingerprints for my residency. I have been doing this for many months now. Im praying for a positive outcome. It just has to be that way. Otherwise, 9 years of my life..... ack. it just has to be okay. Sorry, I strayed... so, i have probably called this particular office handling my prints every other week since November. Did you know this government office changes its codes for departments like every other week?  Serious. You know, one time I pressed 2 for this option, then 5 for the next, then 1 for the other option, all which lead me to Helpful Government Employee.  Then, I would call again, and this time I had to press 9, then 4, then  7 to get Helpful Government Employee. You can see the pattern here... I find it laughable that the same office has to change their options that many times.. and Im pretty sure they think Im stalking them as I have now spoken to that many people in the particular office cubicle, that Im sure I have spoken to all 11 employees. Opps, sorry, Helpful Government Employees.

Well, Im going to go to bed, its late, rainy, and frankly, Im exhausted. Im not really tired, but I think my mind just wants to shut down for the night. Could be that I have enough Ibuprofen (spelling incorrect, I know) in my body tonight after my phsyio appt to constitute a hazy mind thought, but I need to rest my legs, and they get so restless after not being able to bend, or straighten.. or anything. No matter what, its uncomfy. And yet, with the strapping it feels so much better than without it. Guess I never realized the true capacity of the pain I was in before until you start to undue the damage, or for a better term, try to lessen the damage in your knees. You live with the constant pain, and forget how bad it really is.  But, Im thinking this is working and my knees will be good again.. in time. Although I did think earlier while I was trying to sit down on a chair why those celebrities who get their kneecap skin reduced or whatever it is they do to their knees.. why would you willing sign up for the strain and inconvience? And, Im pretty sure they would be hurting much more than I am.

Gosh, its almost like a novel, with nothing important in it. You know, the ones you find in the airport marked down as its too good a bargain to not buy it for your 8 hour plane ride. Then, 20 minutes into it, you realize $5 was probably too much for it and leave it behind for the next sucker to pick it up.

Ah, blame it on the Ibuprofen hazy dazy head space. Its my blog. I can.

Oh, I got some cool photos of a green tree frog last night.. I will post them tomorrow!


Mentally Incontinent said...

You could always try what I do. Take the chaise lounge outside, take all of your clothes off, lie in the rain and listen to the thunder while "Love Reign O'er Me" plays looped in the house. We've had some massive flooding here recently, but just that simple act of basking in nature's power took the edge off of it all.

You ought to keep track of dates and the keys you have to press. I think the media would LOVE a story like that!

InALittleMinute said...

MI: its still raining.. I took your advice, and played some great music in the house, but didnt lay outside in the rain as I didnt want to scare the neighbors!

JEZ said...

Glad you are okay! Also glad to see you write novellas like I do! HAHA. I'm lovin' your blog Mich. Gonna keep me busy readin' for a long time ;-)