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Monday, March 22, 2010

Hurry Up to Wait


Its like a roll of the dice game today.  I got a call that the Pest Control people had done my unit today, rather than on Wed as scheduled. Why? Ah, cuz everyone seems to be an idiot.

So, I bust home to make sure the cat hasnt gotten out, then to open the windows to make sure the cat doesnt die from inhalation of fumes, as well as I dont want to get sick either. I discover that the Pest Control people havent done the backyard, as discussed.

Why? Cuz they didnt have the key to the security screen door. Why? Cuz they were supp to be here on WED not MON and then I would have been home, and could have let the buggers in. But no, they mistakenly did my unit rather than someone else’s (who hadnt pre-arranged a time & date) and so no access to my backyard.

I hunt Mr Pestman down, and discuss with him that he needs to do my back courtyard. He agrees, and then informs me that I had the door locked. My reply, “Correct, because I had planned to be home at the time of you being present rather than this clusterf**k" which has occurred.”   He informs me it was his fault.

Really? I was thinking it was his fault, I mean really, I know that TODAY is monday, and NOT wed… so I was pretty sure it wasnt my bloody fault. But thanks Mr Pestman for confirming that for me.  Too kind.

He tells me that between an hour to an hour and a half.

I call him after 2 hours.

He finally left.

I should be pest free now, esp with all this hassle. Right? Cuz if I see one more huntsman….

1 comment:

Daisy said...

grr - that makes me frustrated just reading about it!!! I hope it takes care of the huntsmans - SHIVER - those things are something else!!