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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ogoh Ogoh

There is a great tradition celebrated, called Nyepi day.  Last year, about this time, I had written about Nyepi day when we were in Indo.  The Ogoh Ogoh’s (one is pictured below) come out and scare away the bad spirits.

ogoh ogoh

Now, believe in it or not.. up to you. Myself, I think if anyone or anything can help get rid of the evil crap lying around.. go for it.  You know those times when you find yourself taking up too much of your own time to weed thru every one else’s baggage, and then you realize your exhausted?  It would somehow be justifiable if it was your own crap that you were exhausted over, but when its someone else’s crap.. NOT GOOD.  We all do it. We all have taken on too much at times, or tried to help another and get overwhelmed, or realize that sometimes its just not your shit to deal with. You dont own it, therefore you need to OGOH OGOH is.. either way, its a fun word to say… try it. Ogoh Ogoh.  In fact, I can imagine one of uncles parading thru the house in a really deep voice screaming this out… ah… Ogoh Ogoh

Anyway, someone mentioned that it had been raining for 6 weeks already. Really? Damn.. that went rather quickly.  While I had my head buried in DVD’s of Weeds & MadMen the rest of society around here was apparently hating the rain. I thought it was a good excuse to kick back and relax. Now, they still want it gone. I still want to use it an excuse to nap. My knees hurt like something else and by the end of the work day the ache is just unbearable. My house is trashed, last night, I barely made it in the door after physio to call a few people, ate dinner (salmon) and then proceeded to drift off into la la land. Until 1 am. Shit… forgot to put the dinner away.. and went to the counter to find ANTS! everywhere.. scurrying around like they were on speed. I dont know if salmon has that effect on ants or if they were just nutz but holy sheet… I have never seen ants zooming around like that. And.. when its been raining here since goodness knows when, the ants are on a mission. I was kicking myself at 1 am this morning.. I knew better than to leave the food out with the current ant problem everyone is having (its not me.. Im not a messy icky person, the ants are EVERYWHERE at the moment).

I finally dragged my ass up stairs after taking the garbage out, killing ants, spraying the ants, and cursing at myself.

Today.. today I think I want Indian for dinner. Because I want to see what curry does to an ant… speedy or slow?


GooChick said...

I am SURE curry will make those ants look like they need some Ritalin!

Tilda said...

I know you're using that great Indonesian chalk..where you write a note with the "magic" chalk and tell the ants to go away! It works miracles...enjoy your ant free day tomorrow!